Managing Remote Workers

The worldwide response to limit the spread of the COVID-19 virus pushed people across the globe to reduce direct contact with others. Two key means of achieving this were to limit international travel and encouraging people to work from their homes, where the nature of the work permitted. In order to safeguard the wellbeing of their staff, their clients and their service providers, organisations raced to put in place new ways of working to permit such work and to mitigate any negative consequences. The effect of such a mass migration from working in the office to working from home ushers in the next industrial evolution. People have suddenly realised that many businesses already offer much of their service offering online, now that they are forced to use it they will overcome that first fear of using or doing something new. Thereafter it will be more convenient to use online portals for such tasks as renewing insurance policies, making banking and payment transactions, or ordering documents form government agencies. Once people see the benefit of ordering food online and having it delivered, will they revert to losing so much time in supermarkets? A vast number of people around the world have … Read more