Malta Gaming Management – Malta Key Official

Any gaming operation obtaining a licence from the Malta Lotteries & Gaming Authority is required to appoint a Key Official within 21 days from issue of the Letter of Intent. We are able to provide local directors to act as key officials on your Malta gaming company to undertake the following responsibilities:

  • System review / Certification of compliance.
  • Sealing of Servers and also responsible to make sure seals are not broken, and if so must be reported to the LGA and re-sealed.
  • Incident reports – the LGA is to be advised in respect of any changes made to either the hardware or software of the company, by signing and submitting the Incident reports.
  • Keeping the LGA updated in respect of any changes to be made, to the set-up approved by LGA.
  • Submission of monthly gaming tax and annual gaming license fee.
  • Submission of the Company’s Accounts / Audit.
  • Ensuring players’ funds are adequately held by the Company at all times.
  • Data Protection.
  • NSO – National Statistics.
  • KO is to have access to the back-end system.

Furthermore, our Key Officials work with the management of the Company to ensure that the Company is operating in line with the following Malta regulations:

  • Companies Act, 1995
  • Data Protection Act, 2001
  • Electronic Commerce Act, 2001
  • Electronic Communications (Regulation) Act, 1997
  • Income Tax Act, 1948
  • Income Tax Management Act, 1994
  • Lotteries and other games Act, 2001 as amended (Remote Gaming Regulations)
  • Prevention of Money Laundering Act, 1994