Company Administration & Office Services

After we have completed the Company Formation process, and your new company is established, our support evolves to company administration. Supporting our leadership team, a Corporate Services Officer will be assigned to your corporate structure whose role is to ensure a smooth corporate journey. We offer support to the company secretary by ensuring that any necessary documents or declarations are submitted correctly and punctually to the Malta Business Registry.

We keep abreast of local and EU wide legislation as it changes, contributing to consultation documents and helping to shape the future of the industry locally. We remain on hand to assist with any changes that may be required to the company, as well as to guide you if any new requirements emerge. We remain in touch with you throughout the year and will from time to time review your company or corporate structure to ensure that it remains valid for your current circumstances and future objectives.
As a full service advisory firm, either directly or through our associated law firm we are able to assist with any tax advisory or corporate legal matters such as authorizations, shareholders agreement, service contracts, GDPR and data privacy, employment law, mergers and acquisitions.

Commercial requirements 

Every company in Malta needs a registered address which we are happy to offer as part of our domiciliation service. The occasional use of a boardroom for meetings may also be arranged. Those businesses that have staff in Malta may wish to find a serviced desk space offering all office facilities with a minimum of hassle, whilst others may grow to the point where they need to seek their own premises .

Corporate Administrative Support 

With decades of cumulative experience in corporate matters, we are on hand to support any changes that may be required over the course of the company lifetime, such as change in company officers, increase/decrease of share capital, share transfer or assignation, or any other issue.
Our expertise and experience permits us to guide you in a clear manner, with practical advice as to the most effective route to reach your intentions, from an operational and fiscal perspective.


Recent years have seen an increase in the importance that a company is able to demonstrate a substantive presence in the country where it is registered. Indeed, most banks will no longer consider opening banking relations for a company that has no local presence beyond a company registration. While there are no defined rules as to substance, one would typically look at having a key part of the business activity carried out on the ground, as well as staff levels and own office premises. A related topic is that surrounding directorship.

Management & Control

A Malta company is not required by law to have a Malta-resident director. Nonetheless, a company that has a majority of directors resident abroad is at risk of being deemed to be managed and/or controlled outside of Malta, and therefore a tax resident of the country where most decisions are taken. We therefore strongly recommend that companies appoint a local director who is able to add value to the company at an operational and strategic level.

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