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Malta and France Sign Protocol in Relation to the Double Taxation Agreement (28/08/2008)

On 29th August 2008, Malta and France concluded a Protocol in relation to the existing Double Taxation Agreement between the two states. This Protocol is beneficial to both countries as it will strengthen the already good relationship which exists and act as a catalyst to increase commerce and trade and encourage further cooperation between Malta and France.

Malta now has treaties with about 50 countries, with some in the pipeline at various stages of negotiation. These treaties ensure the removal of any potential trade barriers between respective countries by establishing internationally accepted provisions for the avoidance of double taxation on the same income. They also establish appropriate channels for exchange of information in a mutual effort to prevent fiscal evasion.

This Protocol with France is a further enhancement to Malta’s comprehensive network of double taxation treaties. Malta is well integrated within the structures of the EU, and fully committed to the success of the Euro-Med process, new opportunities of contacts and deepening of bilateral relations between Malta and France can emerge to complement the already existing conventions in such areas as security and health. The Maltese Government has also made a conscious effort to increase Malta’s visibility as an investment opportunity in France. Malta conducts most of its trade with the European Union with France being one of Malta’s top three trading partners.

Besides EU membership, proximity to North Africa, the island’s safety, the capability of professional staff and the application of international standards as well as quality of life make Malta an attractive proposition for investment in the Mediterranean region.


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