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Umbrella and Contract Management Services in Malta

INTER-SERV provides tailor-made international tax planning and tax management services to consultants and agencies, servicing the international contracting world within a legal and compliant structure.

Our formidable team of international tax advisors specialise in ensuring that working internationally is both enjoyable and profitable for you. Our areas of expertise are:

  • tax planning for contractors, consultants and freelancers working abroad, including umbrella company services, and solutions for the internationally mobile who require planning to ensure tax compliance in multiple countries

  • contract management services, including optimisation of international social security requirements;

  • international residence and immigration, tax residence in Malta; and

  • advice for those considering working abroad as contractors or independent professionals.

Umbrella and Contract Management Services

INTER-SERV provides umbrella and contract management services to contractors via our Malta umbrella company as well as comprehensive tax planning advice and tax management services for consultants, expatriates, freelancers and freelance contractors worldwide.

Our contracting company is able to employ freelance consultants and contractors and to pay individual freelancers in the form of employment income / salary allowing for deductible expenses and allowances as well as the proportions depending on individual circumstances.

Salary, Tax & Social Security

INTER-SERV will deduct tax and social security at source on a FSS (PAYE) basis and payments are made to the relevant authorities on the employee’s behalf.  The taxable amount may be reduced by offsetting certain acceptable business expenses as tax deductions.

We will be happy to discuss your personal circumstances with you and help you to minimise your tax and social security liabilities, within the bounds of Maltese legislation.

Tax Returns

Income is managed tax efficiently, not just in Malta but also in any other country where there may be a liability. A tax return is filed each year in Malta with advice and assistance from INTER-SERV, who will also provide help with filing tax returns elsewhere, if required.

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