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Malta E-Commerce

Malta: European Hub for E-Business

CCA INTER-SERV provides all-round e-commerce solutions to foreign clients seeking respectable and tax-efficient European hosting. Through our strategic alliances with ICT and payment professionals, we can provide complete end-to-end real time internet payment solutions, customised to meet all requirements together with all hosting, co-location and mirroring services.

Our client portfolio includes several companies trading or providing their services over the Internet, including betting companies and casinos, pharmaceutical and herbal remedy e-tailers, travel and tourism companies, online consultancy provides, e-learning institutions, ezines and online bookshops.

CCA INTER-SERV works in close collaboration with the e-commerce specialists and tax lawyers of Chetcuti Cauchi Advocates, assisting clients through all stages of the business and financial planning and tax structure design moving on to the actual design and deployment of a website, internet shop or portal, complemented with a secure and advanced e-payment gateway.  CCA INTER-SERV relies on a number of technical and operational experts who can assist its clients in all operational and technical aspects of the setting up and everyday running of their operation in Malta.

Multi Currency Real Time Payment Solutions

Our payment partners provide real time credit card processing solutions tailored in accordance with varying business requirements and objectives, providing merchants with the benefits of affordable and reliable real time payment authorisation solutions, requiring only minimal capital outlay on hardware and software.  Our payment systems also enable e-consumers worldwide to immediately view the relative price tag automatically in their local currency and are therefore fully supportive of multi-currency operations.

Tax-efficient companies

CCA also advises on and assists with the setting up of tax-efficient corporate structures including the formation and administration from Malta of Maltese International Trading Companies which enjoy a potential reduction of the applicable corporate tax rate (35%) to 4.17% in the hands of non-resident shareholders.

  • E-commerce operations can take the form of Maltese ITCs
    (onshore European VAT registered companies)

  • Normal corporate tax rate on worldwide income at 35%

  • Tax Refunds to non-resident shareholders of up to 31%

  • Effective Tax rate of 4%

  • Favourable double-taxation agreements with key countries.

  • Confidential shareholding possible.

  • Fast-track incorporations (24hr service)

  • Internet enabled bank account management

  • Favourable merchant account facilities

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For more detailed information, please contact our eCommerce Unit  [contact info here]


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