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Malta Online Gaming Licences

The 2004 Remote Gaming Regulations have expanded the range of licensed gambling operations that can be performed via Malta to include online gaming in addition to traditional fixed odds operations.  License are now available for online casinos, casino-style games, betting exchanges and lotteries. These new laws have created a system of checks and balances ensuring that Malta retains its competitive edge as an advantageous yet seriously regulated gaming regime.

Our specialised iGaming Unit, in close collaboration with the gaming and tax lawyers at Chetcuti Cauchi Advocates, assists clients through all stages of the licence application process.  Upon the issue of the relevant licence that today, INTER-SERV assists its clients in all operational and technical aspects of the setting up and everyday running of their operation in Malta.

Backed by years of gaming experience, our iGaming Unit understands the specialised demands of the gaming industry and is capable of responding efficiently and promptly to the unique requirements of each gaming client.

Types of Gambling Licenses in Malta.

  • Class 1 Online Gaming License

  • Class 2 Online betting office license or an online betting exchange office license

  • Class 3 License to promote and abet gaming from Malta

  • Class 4 License to host and manage online gaming operators, excluding the licensee himself

Taxation on all Three Classes

  • Online Gaming License - a sum of LM 2000/month in the first six months after the issue of the license & Lm3,000 per month for the entire duration of the of the license period.

  • Online gaming operated by a Class 4 Remote Gaming licensee, licensee who operates the hosting platform shall not pay any tax for the first six months after the issue of the license, then he pays one thousand Maltese Liri (Lm1,000) per month for the subsequent six months and subsequently two thousand Maltese Liri (Lm2,000) per month for the entire duration of the license.

  • Licensees operating from the hosting platform - a sum of Lm500/month.

  • Online Betting Operations - a sum equivalent to 0.5% on gross amounts of bets.

  • Online Betting Exchanges - a sum equivalent to 0.5% on the sum of all net winnings calculated per player

  • Pool betting a sum equivalent to half of one per centum (0.5%) on the aggregate of stakes paid.

  • Provided that in all cases the total maximum of tax payable per annum by one licensee in
    respect of any one license shall not exceed Lm200,000.

Malta Companies

  • Gaming operations can take the form of Maltese ITCs (onshore European companies)

  • Normal corporate tax rate on worldwide income at 35%

  • Tax Refunds to non-resident shareholders of up to 31%

  • Possible Effective Tax rates of 4%

  • Favourable double-taxation agreements with key countries.

  • Confidential shareholding possible.

  • Fast-track incorporations (24hr service)

Our Service

  • Company Incorporation

  • Business Planning

  • Operational Assistance

  • Bank account opening & admin services

  • Book-keeping, Accounting & (external) Audit services

  • Location of commercial property/office space on sale or for rental in Malta

  • License applications

  • Merchant & other Bank Accounts

  • Payment Systems

  • Web hosting & Co-Location

  • Data Protection Audits

  • Website Terms & Technology Contracts

  • Branding & Trademarks

For more detailed information, please contact our iGaming Unit  [contact info here]



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