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ACCA Students Friendly Accounting Jobs

INTER-SERV employs a number of partly qualified accountants who are at various stages of obtaining their ACCA certification.  At INTER-SERV, members of the accounting team who are pursuing their ACCA studies find a very flexible environment which allows them to continue with their studies whilst putting into practice the new concepts learned.


INTER-SERV is committed to its employees’ further education and promotes actively ACCA certification. Students pursuing ACCA can benefit from part-sponsorship of the financial costs of tuition and examinations.

Study Leave

Nobody is made to feel uncomfortable when it comes to taking leave for study and examination purposes. On the contrary, such leave takes first preference! Moreover, reaching tight deadlines even during periods of study and examinations is facilitated through the firm’s team structure, flexi-time and working from home facilities.


We provide adequate professional mentors to all students working with us. Mentors for ACCA students would be qualified accountants. Mentors dedicate time to assist each individual assigned to them in the application of academic learning as well as in providing guidance in relation to their course of studies.

Contact us

If you are intersted in an accounting career and want to study and practice at the smae time, please forward your application and detailed curriculum vitae to our Human Resources Department at recruit@inter-serv.com. We look forward to working with you.



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